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Call 1-800-GAMBLER. In 2018, Trajan Jeffcoat played in all 13 games as a true freshman for Missouri. When I first looked I typed in "Trajan Jeffcoat father" or "Trajan Jeffcoat parents" and I got a bunch of Jim Jeffcoat pics and stories. A somewhat ominous designation, here, and one which might signal that Jeffcoat could potentially be sidelined past Mizzou's opener against Wyoming on Aug. 31. "Trajan Jeffcoat is not presently enrolled at Mizzou and will not be with the football team for the remainder of the season," the press release said. Born in Italica (Seville in modern-day Spain), Trajan was the first Roman emperor born outside of Italy. It also helps explain Missouris current (lack of) pass rush productivity. 6465). [81] Trajan created at least fourteen new senators from the Greek-speaking half of the Empire, an unprecedented recruitment number that opens to question the issue of the "traditionally Roman" character of his reign, as well as the "Hellenism" of his successor Hadrian. His conquest of Dacia enriched the empire greatly, as the new province possessed many valuable gold mines. Many of his buildings were designed and erected by the gifted architect Apollodorus of Damascus, including a massive bridge over the Danube, which the Roman army and its reinforcements could use regardless of weather; the Danube sometimes froze over in winter, but seldom enough to bear the passage of a party of soldiers. By feigning reluctance to hold power, Trajan was able to start building a consensus around him in the Senate. [44], On his entry to Rome, Trajan granted the plebs a direct gift of money. Jeffcoat, 6-4, 269, announced his decision on Twitter Sunday night. The Journal of Roman Studies, Vol. Missouri sophomore DE Trejan Jeffcoat (elbow) should be considered week-to-week. IN. [211] The intended campaign, therefore, was immensely costly from its very beginning. AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, KS, LA, (select parishes), MD, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TN, VA, WV, WY, CA-ONT only.Eligibility restrictions apply. FAYETTEVILLE Arkansas has landed former Missouri defensive end Trajan Jeffcoat who will have one year to play. For other uses, see, "Marcus Ulpius Trajanus" redirects here. [102] Last but not least, inordinate spending on civic buildings was not only a means to achieve local superiority, but also a means for the local Greek elites to maintain a separate cultural identitysomething expressed in the contemporary rise of the Second Sophistic; this "cultural patriotism" acted as a kind of substitute for the loss of political independence,[103] and as such was shunned by Roman authorities. NATIONALITY. With Ole Miss coming to town for the season finale, Dennis Gates and Tre Gomillion reflected upon recent results and the season as a whole. Nerva, 96, 98. In his four-year career in Columbia, Jeffcoat has accumulated 84 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss . [6], The tenth volume of Pliny's letters contains his correspondence with Trajan, which deals with various aspects of imperial Roman government, but this correspondence is neither intimate nor candid: it is an exchange of official mail, in which Pliny's stance borders on the servile. [276][277] Hadrian seems to have been well connected to the powerful and influential coterie of Spanish senators at Trajan's court, through his ties to Plotina and the Prefect Attianus. In between the coin flip and kickoff of the Tigers' 42-10 dismantling of Troy on Oct. 5, 2019, Missouri's media. [11] His year of birth is not reliably attested and may have been 56 AD. It may also reflect male Roman displeasure that an empresslet alone any woman could presume to meddle in Rome's political affairs. [230][231] He continued southward to the Persian Gulf, when, after escaping with his fleet a tidal bore on the Tigris,[232] he received the submission of Athambelus, the ruler of Charax. A controversial scene on Trajan's column just before the fall of Sarmizegetusa Regia suggests that Decebalus may have offered poison to his remaining men as an alternative option to capture or death while trying to flee the besieged capital with him. Jeffcoat, 6-4, 269, announced his decision on Twitter Sunday night. The details of Trajan's early military career are obscure, save for the fact that in 89, as legate of Legio VII Gemina in Hispania Tarraconensis, he supported Domitian against an attempted coup by Lucius Antonius Saturninus, the governor of Germania Superior. Hogs land former All-SEC first-teamer from Missouri. Gambling problem? mizzouboy714 Retired Number. #Mizzou Michael Alexander Speidel: "Bellicosissimus Princeps". His mom and his agent approached SC and we just freed up 250k+ when Burch bounced. Non-citizens who admitted to being Christians and refused to recant were to be executed "for obstinacy". Trajan Jeffcoat will be All-SEC again at Arkansas. An equal opportunity/access/affirmative action/pro-disabled and veteran employer. re: Trajan Jeffcoat tranfers to Arkansas Posted on 1/23/23 at 4:58 am to Miznoz. 10051 posts. [110] "It's well established that [the cities' finances] are in a state of disorder", Pliny once wrote to Trajan, plans for unnecessary works made in collusion with local contractors being identified as one of the main problems. [104] As Trajan himself wrote to Pliny: "These poor Greeks all love a gymnasium they will have to content with one that suits their real needs". That said, some are now reporting that the issue preventing his enrollment is not academic related. Silver Member. Trajan sought to deal with this by forsaking direct Roman rule in Parthia proper, at least partially. Who are you circling on the whiteboard for your offensive line to pay attention to on Saturday? [304], During the 1980s, the Romanian historian Eugen Cizek took a more nuanced view as he described the changes in the personal ideology of Trajan's reign, stressing the fact that it became ever more autocratic and militarized, especially after 112 and towards the Parthian War (as "only an universal monarch, a kosmocrator, could dictate his law to the East"). Quelques renseignements inobservs (Jean d'Ephse, Anthologie Grecque XVI 72)". [41] Prior to his frontier tours, Trajan ordered his Prefect Aelianus to attend him in Germany, where he was apparently executed forthwith ("put out of the way"),[42] and his now-vacant post taken by Attius Suburanus. Early in his reign, he annexed the Nabataean Kingdom, creating the province of Arabia Petraea. It still drew admiration when Emperor Constantius II visited Rome in the fourth century. [239][234] It is possible that it was this "streamlining" of the administration of the newly conquered lands according to the standard pattern of Roman provincial administration in tax collecting, requisitions and the handling of local potentates' prerogatives, that triggered later resistance against Trajan. Missouris power five opponents (Kentucky, Boston College and Tennessee) have thrown an average of 22 passes per game against the Tigers. During his redshirt senior season at Missouri in 2022, Jeffcoat started 10 games and recorded 21 total tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss and one sack. Among them was the governor of Germania Inferior, the Spaniard Lucius Licinius Sura, who became Trajan's chief personal adviser and official friend. Its lofty, elevated Imperial viewing box was rebuilt among the seating tiers, so that spectators could see their emperor sharing their enjoyment of the races, alongside his family and images of the gods,[128], At some time during 108 or 109, Trajan held 123 days of games to celebrate his Dacian victory. Trajan Jeffcoat should quickly become a regular in the Arkansas front. [96] The usual form that such rivalries took was that of grandiose building plans, giving the cities the opportunity to vie with each other over "extravagant, needless structures that would make a show". Irmo High School. The Tigers have only added one transfer to an offensive line that struggled throughout the 2022 season. Justice requires it and pity holds me back. [308], In the Jewish homiletical works, such as Esther Rabbah, Trajan is described with the epitaph "may his bones be crushed" (Hebrew: , sh'hik atzamot). Big day today! Suetonius a possible lover of Sabina: One interpretation of, Lover of Hadrian: Lambert (1984), p.99 and. Cassius Dio added that he always remained dignified and fair. Dio, as a Greek notable and intellectual with friends in high places, and possibly an official friend to the emperor (amicus caesaris), saw Trajan as a defender of the status quo. Its worth noting that Jeffcoat is still impacting games despite the lack of production on the stat sheet. [136], Trajan took the Roman empire to its greatest expanse. [11] At the time of Trajan's birth, it was a small town, without baths, theatre and amphitheatre, and with a very narrow territory under its direct administration. [283][284], Ancient sources on Trajan's personality and accomplishments are unanimously positive. [137] Dacia would be reduced by Trajan's Rome to a client kingdom in the first war (101102), followed by a second war that ended in actual incorporation into the Empire of the trans-Danube border group of Dacia. [84] On the local level, among the lower section of the Eastern propertied,[85] the alienation of most Greek notables and intellectuals towards Roman rule, and the fact that the Romans were seen by most such Greek notables as aliens, persisted well after Trajan's reign. IN Ryan K. Balot, ed.. Bernard W. Henderson, "Five Roman Emperors" (1927). However, the overall scarcity of manpower for the Roman military establishment meant that the campaign was doomed from the start. [255] Quietus discharged his commissions successfully, so much that the war was afterward named after himKitus being a corruption of Quietus. [95] Competition among Greek cities and their ruling oligarchies was mainly for marks of pre-eminence, especially for titles bestowed by the Roman emperor. 135. Decebalus also took prisoner Trajan's legate Longinus, who eventually poisoned himself while in custody. After commanding Legio I Minervia during the Dacian Wars, he had been relieved from front-line duties at the decisive stage of the Second Dacian War, being sent to govern the newly created province of Pannonia Inferior. That makes sense anecdotally. Pliny implied as much when he wrote that, although an emperor could not be coerced into doing something, if this was the way in which Trajan was raised to power, then it was worth it. Supposedly USC is offering less than what Mizzou was, so he took a pay cut just to get rejected it seems like. [141], In May of 101, Trajan launched his first campaign into the Dacian kingdom,[142] crossing to the northern bank of the Danube and defeating the Dacian army at Tapae (see Second Battle of Tapae), near the Iron Gates of Transylvania. [94] The main goal was to curb the overenthusiastic spending on public works that served to channel ancient rivalries between neighbouring cities. [24] Trajan retained Hadrian on the Rhine frontier as a military tribune, and Hadrian thus became privy to the circle of friends and relations with whom Trajan surrounded himself. Dante accepted this, as Aquinas before him, and places Trajan in Paradise (Paradiso XX.44-8).". He had narrowed it to South Carolina and Arkansas once he entered the transfer portal. Explore all Missouri Tigers COLLEGE-FOOTBALL player stats - including passing, rushing, receiving, tackles, and more! Dio is described by Philostratus as Trajan's close friend, and Trajan as supposedly engaging publicly in conversations with Dio.[91]. Thats part of the explanation for Jeffcoats drop in production, but its not the only one. Spring Practice Position Battles: Offense, Retooled MU defense prepares for year two under Blake Baker, 2022 Position Postmortem: Defensive Backs, Recruiting Reset: Whit Hafer is Mizzous first commit in he 2024 class, 2024 recruiting class starts with commit from in-state tight end.

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